KLAY Programming Seminar


We will be presenting a FREE 1 hour session on ‘Hosting Your Own Radio Program’ on March 30th from 10-11:00 AM in Lakewood.
If you have ever thought about having your own radio program this will be a valuable presentation for you. KLAY Radio is one of the few radio stations in the Northwest that provides ‘block’ time programming.
What better way to promote your business and make you a leader in your industry!
The session is open to the 1st ten people that sign up. It will be at the KLAY Radio studios, 10025 Lakewood Dr. S.W., Lakewood, WA 98499. Email me at: bobm@klay1180.com and let me know you will be attending.


  • mikec

    I’m guessing this is current? It’s an interesting opportunity for the right person who just can’t give up wearing headphones & pushing that little red button on the mixer in front of them with a microphone shoved into their mouth. It’s an alternative for those who just can’t stomach getting involved in a campus/community FM, which I can say is an equal mix of good & bad…just like commercial broadcasting. For someone whose still got the pipes, got the chops & learned enough from the sales guys down the hall, to go out there and sell ads to pay for ‘brokered’ blocks of time. I know one Seattle area musician with a large music collection of a typical narrow-appeal genre. He paid for time & sold ads to host a weekly 2 hour show on KXPA 1540. He managed to recoup his costs & all went well until full-time job employment got in the way of ad sales time & he gave it up eventually. I’m also acquainted with a one-time show host with a program on KKNW 1150…again time is the culprit. If KLAY is offering seminars in do-it-yourself broadcasting, it still may be worth the time to take this in. From experience I can say there IS broadcasting life for refugees from commercial radio: brokered time & campus/community FM await!

  • pugetsound

    I think KLAY needs a permanent morning show host. Again, they sell their time period. For the right person/business, this might be a good deal.

  • I agree. Tacoma’s KLAY News/Talk/Sports Radio is looking for a M-F morning talk show host for a 2-3 hour daily prime time morning drive program. Our past hosts have all gone to full time employment and reluctantly had to vacate their programs including Pierce County Assessor Mike Lonergan. This is an opportunity that gives the host a lot of leeway to create their own program.

    KLAY’S block time programming provides an awesome opportunity to get on the air and reach a large established audience. Our staff works side- by-side with you, supporting you in every way. There are sponsorship programs available and no contracts.

    I have been producing local programs on KLAY for over 25 years. Let’s talk.

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