The Northwest’s Place For Old Time Radio

Take a trip back in time…A time when great MOR music and Old Time Radio programs were heard. KIXI has a great variety of programs – 7 days a week!



  • mikec

    ok I confess: I’ve had a vehicle radio pre-set button for KIXI for at least 25 years now. I drop in for a sample sometimes while mobile. Here at home, while seriously “DXing” the AM band at night, KIXI is one of the stations that can provide instant relief from the endless rhetoric, ranting vitriol & propaganda from syndicated talk radio encountered while spinning the dial. Sometimes, my brain needs a break 🙂 Jason, I know you’re a big fan of old-time radio, so there’s plenty on there to keep you entertained. Nicely engineered signal too – sounds great when selecting a wideband filter for listening enjoyment

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