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Maple Valley Mike

When I was growing up in Walla Walla, we could get KVOS on cable. We were also able to get KTNT on channel 11 which eventually became KSTW. The best cable channel was CHEK which was out of Victoria. It had wrestling and NHL Hockey.

MV Mike – you may be interested to know about the current status of CHEK-6 Victoria. Several years back, it’s corporate owner (the Global network) decided it wasn’t pulling in enough profits for it’s greedy shareholders, so decided to shut the station down & turn in the license. They whined loudly to the CRTC who granted permission to delete the license. This didn’t sit well with staff, local advertisers or viewers as Vancouver Island only has two TV signals & the other is barely local. The staff, including some prominent local broadcasters, some of the advertisers bought the station &… Read more »

Thank you for the head’s up on that! I almost missed that as it’s hard to keep track of follow up comments. Happy 60th to Chek TV.