• Steven Smith


    I remember that. For sure in the Fred Danz years. Probably about mid-1970s. I was there then.. I have some of the artwork we used in the 80s until we sold in 1999. Good find. I should upload our patriotic bumper sticker that incorporated our logo into a USA outline in red, white and blue. I still have an unopened packet of those.

  • mikec

    please do share your red/white/blue bumper sticker! Before acquiring these files, I had never seen a logo for KBFW & still to this day have never seen any logos or stationary from KOQT, KENY. I do have more of these regional logos/letterheads etc so will post some soon to share

  • PaulWatson

    I have some letterhead from KBFW from the 1977-1982 SRO period I will dig out. I think I also have some photos of billboards for KBFW from the Bellingham area.

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