Musical Chairs at KING 5; KOMO News on Social Media In the Afternoon

Coming to KING 5 in March…New weeknight anchor at KING 5 will be KEYE/Austin meteorologist Jordan Steele. Steele is currently a meterologist at the Austin channel, but gets expanded duties at KING….And people are asking about the programming changes at KING 5 that put Greg Copeland on weekend anchor duty? …[TODAY – January 30, 2017] KOMO to narrowcast a 3:30 weekday newscast on Facebook, Periscope and the KOMO website…Brilliant or foolish? Someone will be getting a promotion for this brainstorm…at least temporarily. The anchors will be Morgan Chesky and Molly Shen…How do you monetize your Facebook and Periscope newscasts? Next: Twittercasting at 11 p.m.
KOMO should stick to TV and their website. [updated]


  • mikec

    foolish I say. Devoting money, personnel & resources to a webcast-only/Facebook stream doesn’t seem to be a good way to broadcast news – not yet at least. For those like me who refuse to use Facebook, nor even own a computer or handheld device these newscasts will be inaccesible

  • Jose

    Slight correction. Jordan Steele will be the primary evening meteorologist essentially pushing Jim Guy to another shift or out the door. He won’t be doing any news anchoring tho if need be they can use him as a fill-in on New Day NW.

  • pugetsound

    I think if KING can get more for their dollar, they will use Jordan Steele where they can.

  • Trinity Hill

    Too bad Seattle KING 5 weather staff will have no level of local experience in the evening after Jim Guy leaves. Can`strand Rhonda Lee, she simply reads the teleprompter. Guess we will be leaving K-5 for local news and weather. It was a good 35 years. Will watch mornings as long as Rich Marriott remains.

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