Stan Boreson Died Friday, He was 91

Stan Boreson, the genial, accordion-playing host of a children’s show on KING-TV and a regular presence in Puget Sound-area baby boomers’ lives, died Friday, Jan. 27, at age 91. –Erik Lacitas – Seattle Times

Stan Boreson theme KING 5


  • I did not live in the Puget Sound area during that era, but most of my generation that did grew up here remembers his show. It is really sad, like Mary Tyler Moore’s passing, the end of an era.

  • mikec

    How sad. Nice to know that Stan got to live to the ripe ol’ age of 91 however. Patches pals & Brakeman Bill fans, step aside. THIS kid was a daily member of the KING Klubhouse & the show was serious incentive to get home ASAP after school. What an incredible, versatile talent Stan was! He could entertain kids at their level, then 2 or 3 hours later entertain adults at their level. My mom always enjoyed his accordian playing & parody songs on channel 5. I haven’t watched KING-5 news for awhile. Did they air a tribute or even mention this on air?

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