Steven Smith Archive: Randy Evans-Hansen [Ichabod Caine] at KPUG


This is Randy Evans at KPUG in 1972. The quality is not great, but it does have historical significance. Randy Evans was Randy Hansen in real life. He went over to KJRB after KPUG, then on to Spokane and he ended up as Ichabod Caine in Seattle. So he is one of the Seattle legends and this may be his earliest gig. It is scoped a bit….cut out some music, an ad and news. About 2.5 minutes. I had no clue I had it, just stumbled on it.
Steven Smith


  • mikec

    Steven thanks for posting this. Although I was aware that Randy/Ichabod had done airtime at KPUG, I missed a chance to hear him as I was in northeast BC/northwest Alberta starting my own career in radio. I think he was gone from 1170 by the time I returned to the Pacific northwest in ’74 as I don’t recall hearing him

  • Steven Smith

    Yes, he was gone. I worked at KPUG in 1974 and he was probably a year out. Air staff when I was there was Marty Rowe, Charlie Hudson, TJ Powers, Mike Allen, Brian Roc, me (Steve Lewis) and Terry Allen with news.

  • mikec

    I thought KPUG was sounding pretty good in the summer of ’74 & kept a pre-select button on my van radio set to 1170 in spite my preference for a couple of Seattle FMs, only available to me at home with a rooftop antenna. TJ Powers & Terry Allen’s newscasts I do remember

  • Brian Lord

    Steven mentioned Marty Rowe at KPUG. He is involved in ownership of KOHI AM in St. Helen’s, OR.

  • kevin


    Wow–this is making me nostalgic for my years in Bellingham, attending WWU in the early 1970s.

    I loved rock and roll and quickly learned that KPUG was a fine station, much better than typical small/medium town radio.

    My roomies and I listened to Dan Foster at night–he seemed to play harder rock than you’d hear in daytime, though I also remember DF sometimes working mid-days.

    Randy Evans was good too–he always seemed to be enjoying himself–was he 6-10pm, and Dan Foster 10pm-2am? Or did KPUG sign off at 12midnight?

    I also recall Charlie Hudson in the mornings–a warm friendly style.

    And Greg Collins (Conners?)…Don Patrick was very funny and creative.

    Don’t remember Richard King.

    Aside from Randy Evans, who became Ichabod Caine, do you know what happened to those other guys? Did you know any of them?

    Thanks again for the memories!

  • Steven Smith


    I can fill in many of the blanks for you. I will do so in the next day or two. I need to track down a couple facts.

  • pugetsound


    I was working in radio myself at competitor stations in those years, so was not focused on KPUG as I had been as a kid. Randy, as I recall, did both shifts. At first he started at 10 pm, but I think they moved him earlier like 6 or 7 pm to 10 pm because he was a good jock. The station probably signed off at 1 am. It did for years, including when I was there in 1974. Dan Foster I remember when you mention the name, but no clue as to his future. Charlie Hudson did not much like radio, but he was good at it. He had a wonderful raspy voice. He was a back to basics, simple lifestyle kind of guy. But for money to live he worked at KPUG and the religious station KARI in Blaine. He got out of radio probably by ’77 or so. I do not recall just what he did for income later on, but something less visible than radio. It may have been commercial fishing or similar, he was into boats and his current Facebook page is mainly about restoring a large boat. Greg Collins, gone from KPUG prior to 1974, went to CKLG AM-FM in Vancouver, BC. Last I heard, per a Vancouver website, he became a TV writer in LA. If memory serves correctly, I think he at one time did voice over work in LA including for movie trailers. His memories of KPUG are probably not so good — he and his wife broke up and she married the adult son of the station’s owner. Don Patrick worked at KBFW, KPUG, KTAC and KJR. Ron DeHart, who has posted many articles at this site, has tracked him down. After exiting radio, Don worked in advertising/PR and also as a self improvement instructor. Richard King (both of them) became subjects of a story that I heard when I was at KPUG. The original King was accepted into law school when working at the station. The timing of his departure was poor; General manager Jim Tincker had just bought an expensive jingle package that included jock names. When they hired a replacement, the jock had to become Richard King. The second jock was a much lesser talent than the real Richard King. I can say, as a listener at the time, it was weird. The two voices and styles were nothing alike. We were not fooled! You did not ask, but Terry Allen, who was the news guy at KPUG for many years, and eventually moved into sales, passed away a few years ago.

    Steven L. Smith

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