Steven Smith Archive: Voices and Music from KIXI


This is from 1972. Being KIXI, without much jock chatter, it is ads and brief newscasts by well-known voices

1. is Rudy Perez….this had to be about the most played ad every morning during the news. Rudy worked approx 10-2 airshift

2. Dean Smith, at the time in KIXI sales, but one of the best paid voice guys in the market
3. Steve Schilling, afternoon to evening guy, who had been at KBRO pre-KIXI
4. Ken Stuart, news director. Worked AM drive through about noonish M-F
[Audio courtesy of Steven Smith]

The voice before Ken Stuart may be Bob Liddle. Or it might be Rudy. I am not sure. Foggy memories. But every weekday Stuart did the news in the AM hours. And Liddle was the morning jock…if you could really call him that. Basically, they had Igm automation and they rolled tapes. Then the announcers would get the music legend and when in the mood they would read off the names of songs. It could be Liddle in the morning. Perez midday or Schilling late afternoon to evening.


  • Kixi at one time was sister stations with Kord in Pasco.

  • John Fortmeyer

    Thanks to Steven Smith for sharing these news and ad excerpts. Do you have any that feature those laid back, relaxing and orchestral station IDs for KIXI? It would certainly spark memories of my youth to hear those again, as it would to hear any for KBBX/KEZX, the old KIRO-FM/KSEA, KBRD and KEUT….

  • mikec

    Steven thanks for posting these. I was never a listener to KIXI during this period, but can now appreciate this time in it’s history. I vaguely recall hearing Rudy Perez on KXA at some point…his voice is quite familiar

  • Steven Smith

    John….Earlier on I supplied one of Wally’s Nelskog. It was one of their better known id’s and he voiced them. You can search for it here.

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