Heavy Hitter: Tracy Taylor – #1 Topic for Blog Traffic

Since Tracy Taylor was fired from KING 5, the hit counter at PugetSound.Media has registered more traffic for this topic daily, than any other TV or radio subject.


  • Yes, since her days as traffic reporter on KJR, a Tracyblog post could always guarantee heavy traffic, or in layman’s terms, vast readership. Her transition to TV broadened her brand as she dress to occasions (I think she deserves a lot of credit in making Blue Friday popular).
    The post on Barers Of Maple Valley about her leaving KING increased blog traffic dramatically in a way that I had not seen until now. No other post has had even 1/10th of the comments that it has.
    I wonder why the mainstream media has not found a way to harness this popularity.

  • Mary campbell

    Miss Tracy Taylor!!

  • Yea, Cam is great as an anchor, but doesn’t have that certain zany factor. Traffic report should be fun because the traffic isn’t.