L.H. Bates/KTOY Antenna Pounded By Windstorm

More about L.H. Bates Vocational-Technical Institute’s radio station KTOY [original call letters KTPS, now KYFQ and owned by the Bible Broadcasting Network.]

Bates provided future broadcasters with the skills to pass the FCC license exams, but also offered on-air experience and technical training in both radio and television [KTPS Channel 62. This later became KBTC Channel 28]

In February 1981, it all came crashing down.

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  • mikec

    I remember seeing the pictures of this & thinking how miraculous nobody was hurt or killed. There was some discussion at the time whether KTOY would rebuild & return to the air after this occurred. Fortunately, 91.7 did rebuild & return – for awhile. It’s so sad that 91.7 has devolved into a ‘Christian podcaster’ instead of a vibrant student-run, teaching facility for broadcasting students.

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