• mikec

    what a fascinating history card! I had no idea KOL made so many tries to change frequency, in many instances to become a power house on one of the “clear channels” In the 1930’s they were obviously unhappy with their coverage on 1270 & sharing time with KTW on Sundays would have been an additional irritant. Later on, after the post-1941 NARBA frequency change, KOL made another attempt to grab 820 with 50kW but were refused. Ironically today’s 1300 KKOL & eventual licensee on 820 KGNW are both owned by Salem.

  • mikec

    …on a second viewing, I just discovered that broadcasting biker Louis Wasmer briefly had some ownership in KOL along with the Taft family (that I did know) then sold his shares to them. As Jason has mentioned, Louis Wasmer had bits & pieces of ownership in a number of different Wash. radio stations at various times, in addition to his owned/operated facilities in Spokane.

  • radiofollower

    Very interesting indeed.KOL was a great station in the 60’s with the day to day battle against KJR and at times scored higher in ratings although not for long.Mid 60’s they were owned by the quiz show company and within a period of one month had 30 different dj’s being on air & off….geezzzzz….just like having quiz show contestants being on air.I had a list back then of all the names that came & went and it was just so strange for a station to do that.

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