• mikec

    It’s disappointing these records rarely show change of call letters & their date of filing & occurance. It appears the initial application had the calls ‘KEDM’ and these got changed when the corporate name change to Garden of The King Inc

  • mikec

    …another interesting fact I just noted: for a short duration, KGDN had an experimental license to test out soil conductivity using 660 kHz with 1 kW. I’ve never seen reception of this by any listeners or “DXers” over the years & wonder if, in fact, it actually operated.

  • pugetsound

    I don’t recall KGDN at 660 at any time

  • mikec

    No, KGDN was never on 660. However, these documents reveal that in late 1980 they had a brief experimental license to use 660 with 1 kW to test soil conductivity. The callsign was KZH324. It’s this experimental signal I was questioning existence of an actual signal

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