Controversial Talk Host , Allan Prell dies

12/13/16 – Former KIRO AM 710 Seattle talk show host Allan Prell died at his Oakton, VA home December 10 at age 79. He was a morning talk show host at KIRO in 2005. He was also a fill-in host on the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon show, heard locally on KLAY-AM 1180 in 2006. NWBROADCASTERS.COM…Jonathan Brandmeier ends his 2-year run with Westwood One syndication this week. His last show was Monday. RADIOINK The program ran locally on 1180 KLAY…One of our favorite sitcom Dads has died. At age 69, Alan Thicke had a heart attack while playing hockey. That’s it! I am hanging up my hockey stick and skates.

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