• chuckbolland

    Sorry ’bout that. Life in this world of broadcasting never been civil. Well, that’s not true. In the “old days” right after the invention of dirt when the family owned KING people were valued. But that was from a land and a mindset from long long ago. My only council to Tracy could be what I learned after being let go (canned) after 10 years at KTAC. Much to my surprise I found that people were willing to pay me more money to get them on the news that would pay me to do the news. I moved from a job with Intercom that didn’t even keep up with inflation to a $60 a week raise (and then 6 months later another $30 a week) no weekends and holidays, full medical care coverage, a retirement plan (which is making life very good today), career development , and and far better security. I have never looked back. At the time I was offered a news job at KING Radio. I turned it down because it meant commuting from Tacoma (in the days when I5 wasn’t so bad) and the fact I’d been in radio stations since I was 17 years old and maybe it was time to try something new. A year later KING Radio dumped most of their news coverage. Just a thought. Bon Chance.

    • pugetsound

      Yes, I agree. Having a “real job” makes great sense. Having radio as a “second job” made life pretty easy for me. I had job security and still dabbled in broadcasting. The great days of KING are gone. With corporate ownership, no one is safe.

    • Diane Speer

      Hundreds of us miss Tracy Taylor especially those of us who drive to see patients . She is funny and smart and we all want her back!

    • Alicia Lamoy

      Bring Tracey back. I love her quick wit. Don’t like “changes” BRING TRACEY BACK!!! If not I will change my morning ritual and watch another news.

      • Rosanne Jacobs

        I miss Tracy Taylor, She was funny and personable. I do not like her replacement.

      • Big Al

        Bring Tracy Taylor back. She is a valuable asset!

      • Kevin

        Me too!!! I miss her a lot, and don’t like the replacements

        • Scooter McClain

          You can catch her this week over on KIRO 7! She is filling in! It was so wonderful to hear her voice! She seems a little nervous, but I think she will be in her groove soon enough.

    • Sharon

      I miss Tracy also. She has good personality and made the morning easy. King 5 has made so many changes lately l don’t watch them like I used to. To many changes to the morning crew starting with moving Mark Wright etc.

  • radiofollower

    Another one gone.I remember Tracy when she was on the old KRPM 106.1 country. I agree with the comments that media isn’t very safe today in regards to keeping a job at any station.Sure glad I did my 30+ years a long time ago in radio when it was sane & safe.

  • pugetsound

    Now, I worked for KRPM, early when the station first began on the FM. Jack MacDonald was the promotions manager, an old friend to Ray Court, KRPM owner, from their KVI days. I don’t remember Tracy Taylor being at KRPM, but then again, I don’t remember the names of two of my ex-wives either. So, nothing unusual there.

  • pugetsound

    Tracy Taylor informs me that she never worked at KRPM.

  • radiofollower

    Well…..maybe the mind is going…lol…but I thought it was Tracy at KRPM-FM.I don’t think she was on air, it was like doing only the traffic report???…I don’t know as it was years ago and if it was just traffic it was probably done by one of the traffic reporting company’s?.Anyway as you said,the industry isn’t worth it today with all the corporate ownership and even that isn’t local it seems.Only stations worth it today are the ones Andy S. owns…KKXA,both AM & FM now plus KRKO.I think he might be the only real “local” owner left,at least one that hasn’t sold out.

  • mikec

    Firing GOOD people has become the Xmas tradition for the corpse ‘broadcasters’. Sorry that Tracy became a victim of this heartless tradition. I too was smart enough to get out of broadcasting at a young age & get a REAL job with REAL money, job security & benefits for employers who APPRECIATED my hard work. I satisfied the broadcasting urge as a volunteer host/programmer/MD, APD, PD, IT & engineer/technician at various campus-community FMs – two of which I helped to put on air. I finished up my radio career in small market station management/engineering and got ho$ed thoroughly by the sleazy owner(s) at my final station. I guess I’m just as stupid in my mid-60’s as i was in my 20’s! 🙂 There’s no looking back now…

    • Lorine Dunavant

      I only watched that show because of Tracy. I’m switching stations in protest. Loved her bouncy personality. Most broadcasters are plastic people.

  • maplevalleymike

    I’m sure Tracy will be back in the market soon. She adds a certain zing to a broadcast, whether it’s TV or radio.

  • pugetsound

    Tracy may have been a traffic reporter for Metro or whoever– and not remembered that her casts may have been heard on KRPM. I dunno.

  • chuckbolland

    Tracy, there is life after being on the air. As I mentioned the job following radio really paid off in a much better life. Had I stayed in broadcasting, except for maybe a very lucky break, I would not be living 2 months out of the year in Southern California to escape some of the NW winter nor an additional 2 months of the year in Paris to escape….well I might be escaping several things by living in Paris. Because “media” now covers such a broad spector, it is possible to find a nich that you will enjoy and will pay you better with a bit more security for yourself. Entercom firing me after 10 years to hire someone cheaper was one of the best things that occured in my career. And it all started well, I was fortunate. A DJ at KNEW Spokane before my 21st birthday, 2 years later moving to KJR, was there about 6 years then hired by WKRC in Cincinnati and stayed about 8 years before coming back to the NW. Those were all good things, but being dumped by KTAC ranks with them. So take heart and put it in the terms, “you won’t have Tracy to kick around anymore.” Bon Chance.

  • Toni

    Really miss Tracy, her fun personality kept me interested watching the news and traffic. You never knew what she was going to say that was going to make me laugh out loud. King 5 messed up again.

    • Sandy Ray

      I LOVE Tracy Taylor and have been stunned to realize she was laid off. In addition to preferring her traffic reports, I like that she is humorous and makes the morning (or any time slot) fun to watch. And not to insult the other good talents on King5, I no longer watch King5 or Kong16 for my morning news and traffic because it is too boring without Tracy Taylor.

  • Rose Norberg

    Oh, we miss Tracy in the morning- she was great- bad choice.

  • Nwtreehugger

    I was wondering what happened. I really miss Tracy. 🙁 The morning news just isn’t the same without her! If either of the other local stations had a complete morning news cast, without cutting to the national news “magazines”, I’d go there. (No, I won’t watch the local Fox station. They’re awful.) Shame on you Tegna!!!

  • Cheryl Marihugh

    Tracy was savy and not a cookie cutter! She had a quick wit about her and enjoyed her. Also missing Mark Wright in the morning!!! Don’t really care for the new fella!

    • Phillip in Aberdeen

      I miss Tracy Taylor. She added a flare to morning TV. She was quick witted and brought a bright light to King 5. I also miss Greg in the morning. The new guy is terrible. He is rude and always seems like he is pushy. I am now watching KIRO channel 7 in the morning. Bad decisions being made.

      • James from Auburn

        I liked Tracy too. It’s nice to see that everybody here shares a similar opinion. I need to add… what I hate about looking for work is it’s still an employers market and there are two things in particular that are really killing it for people… online applications, without being able to fill out an application and hand it to somebody and talk with them for a few minutes regardless of how perfectly you match the position you’re put in a pile with hundreds sometimes thousands of others never hearing back. Another thing I hate… all employers now are putting at the bottom of job descriptions the phrase: “Other duties as assigned” and that makes them get away with making you do everything under the Sun! My question to those employers is why even hire for specific positions anymore if you’re going to use them for something they don’t have a skilset in, because it devalues them and they end up getting let go because they’re not experts in the job they ended up having to do when they didn’t apply for it anyway???

        Sorry for the rant, but when I hear another was let go when they clearly added value, it makes me think how hard it will be to get employed again without having to start over.

    • Andrea

      This is a huge mistake! I can’t believe King 5 had the audacity to let such a wonderful employee go! Tracy Taylor is one of a kind. King 5’s loss and another station’s gain. I’ve been channel surfing to see if she’s been picked up elsewhere. Like many other viewers, I switched stations in protest. Real cute that you picked up the former Mariner’s batboy. However, no replacement for losing Tracy!

  • Lee

    Want Tracy back.

  • Christy

    Missing Tracy!! I too worked in broadcasting in the 1980’s. I remember walking through the newsroom (in Spokane) and watching anchors ‘packing it up’ seemingly without warning. It’s a ratings game … All about the numbers. Good luck to Tracy! Already missing your morning sunshine .

  • Aaron Davis

    Really do miss Tracy’s bright personality. She always brought a smile to my face!!!! Your loss King 5.

  • Mike

    I know how goes Tracy Lowe’s just did the same thing too with corporate coming down and let go of good employees.


    I only watched 5 in the morning for Tracy for traffic and the weather man interface, I will miss you!!
    going to channel 7

  • Kim

    Channel five is losing interest for me
    Loved Tracy
    The young guy is horrible in the evening
    I turn the channel

    • Scooter McClain

      I played a drinking game with that David Espinosa-Hall, every time he said “Mmmmm” as a segue (he has since stopped, I’m sure KING warned him, but he was doing it very frequently when he first started.

      None of the new people are talented, and the new weather lady is ghetto AF and is terrible. If you google her name (Rhonda Lee), she was fired from her previous job in the south for disobeying the stations social media rules, and was warned to stop, but she did it anyway, then went on national TV to turn it into a racial issue, to which the media covering the story shut her down when bring up that her previous employer told her to stop, she lost all credibility.

      I don’t know what is going on with King 5, but I’m done with them. They are terrible now. Too many talented people have left, makes you wonder what is really going on over there. New studio, out with the old, in with the “will work for pennies” and it shows.

  • Susan Parr

    Now I know, that Tracy Taylor was let go. So sorry that the station didn’t see what they had. The only reason I’ll watch King 5 in the morning is Joyce Taylor who still has some spark in the news station.
    If she goes, then King 5 will loose another viewer, I’ll watch another morning station.
    Good luck to you Tracy.

  • Carmen

    KING 5 should try to make amends with Tracy and get her back. That would be the smart thing to do.

  • Kathleen

    Tracey always had another route for you to take if the traffic was a mess somewhere. This new person is very blah compared to Tracey. I had for a long time said “If I lived in Seattle, I might drive if Tracey was there reporting,because she would try her hardest to for warn me of trouble and try to direct me around the problem.” How sad it is now days that corporations care more for themselves than they do for the Viewers! I am now checking out other channels, to see if I can find another team to watch and enjoy like I used to enjoy KING 5.

  • Shanna Keene

    Tracy and Rich were the reason why i watched King 5.
    They were so Amazing together!

  • Judy

    Bring Tracy back! Miss her personality and spunk! Not the same……

  • Jlf

    I don’t know the reason Tracy was laid off. She and Richard were a good team together. Sorry Rich just not the same and I’m sure you miss her senses of humor which lightened up the news. It appears you are the only one left out of the : Good People ”
    I’d like to know where she went..Was it out of broadcasting? What a great gal. She and Rich was the reason we watched King5

    • You can go to Tracy Taylor’s fan page on facebook. She does live updates on the happenings in her life. She has hinted at some opportunities that she has been offered.

  • JSWiggin

    Tracy Taylor would drive me nuts in the morning, to much energy at that time of day – and I wasn’t quite ready for it! But I have to tell you King 5 used to be my go to station, I am changing my morning routine. The crew that they have on now is the pits! Joyce you and Mimi are the only reasons to watch King 5 anymore…So my morning news and probably evening news is going to switch to another channel. King 5 I don’t know what you were thinking but you had a go to team…and now…..well……..

  • Sandy

    I’ve watched King 5 exclusively for many years for my news. Joyce, Rich and Tracy were the perfect team. I have always enjoyed Joyce but with Rich gone so often and now without Tracy T I’m leaving. The 2 new people just aren’t cutting it. There is no fun banter. You blew it king 5!

  • Tim

    Tracy T and Rich were the reasons I watched king 5. Sorry Rich I can’t stick with a company that throws away the best talent like that. I hope you have an at least Tin parachute for when the hammer drops on you. You are the last best talent left from my favorite crew.

  • Russell D Eaton

    I am not sure why 5 canned Tracy but Rich alone just dose not keep me wanting to watch 5 anymore, I am finding another station to watch now maybe 7 sorry 5 you mest up by canning Tracy she made the news worth watching. miss you Tracy hope you find something better and show 5 how bad they mest up

  • Annette

    Don’t channel 5 in the am since Tracy T is gone. The only reason I might catch some of the am broadcast is because of Joyce. But it not everyday at all anymore.

  • Tina white

    Tracy and Rich were were such a good team!! Bad choice King 5

  • Christine DiRito

    Omg! The new king 5 traffic reporter is just , well not good. Her voice sounds like she is shouting at us the viewers, she reads everything from the screen (we can read too so why do it??) She’s always looking at the screen, not out toward us the viewers and she constantly stops, starts, sentences, words. Very jerky and no flow. And it appears she is not familiar with our area and roads. It is increasingly difficult to watch King 5 AM News. Sincerely, ….loosing another long time viewer.

  • Karen Erickson

    As difficult as it is to change my morning routine/habits, King TV morning news is losing another long-time viewer. The new morning traffic reporter is grating to listen to; the forced ‘high energy’ news presentation is distracting; the new co-host seems like the sports announcer that he is.
    Please bring Greg back to join Joyce at the desk and allow us to enjoy their easy raport and presentation of the morning news.
    Tracy Taylor is sorely missed.

    • Cindy

      Greg and Tracy are missed… I can’t watch our friend “Cam” anymore.. Switching channels .. Good luck King 5. These guys are not good !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tegna is ruining KING5. It used to be a local station with local talent. Now they are getting rid of the locals and hiring people from out of state who know nothing about our region. And their voices are so annoying! Pathetic. No reason to watch KING5 anymore. So sad.
    P.S. why is Cam Johnson’s traffic screen tilted forward? It looks like she’s scared of it falling on her and it appears distorted to the viewers. Do you even watch your own channel to see what it looks like??

    • Watcher

      Tracy was compelling. I loved her tattoo she tried to cover with make-up! I don’t see her coming back though. She doesn’t have that corporate look.

  • yaughn

    Tegna, want a response to this? Heres one… i “loved king 5’s news broadcast” Now, i watch Q13. Playing musical broadcasters isnt what people want. They want a local station, by local people. Perhaps if people were as important to you as profits, then youd have a better staffing manager.
    Buh- bye
    Love you all megan coyle, tracy T, mary Lee,…

  • I am a huge fan of Tracy, but I don’t want to put down Cam. I think that she will grow into the job. I took Tracy a little while to transition from radio to TV, but once she did, she was lights out. I think Cam will do the same.

  • I’m sure that Nina, who replaced Tracy at KJR, went through the same thing.

  • Linda

    Wow! I miss T.T. I thought she was on vacation. Very bad news. Big mistake!

  • Jodi Nylin

    Used to like watching the King 5 morning news show. Really don’t care for Cam Johnson doing the traffic. She is just plain awful. Not sure if it’s just getting used to a new job or what but, really…she’s terrible. The other news anchor, Budin..I think. Just no snap or pizazz. I love Joyce and Rich….miss the old guys. Will no longer follow the morning show.

  • Sarah Ludwigson

    Tracy T’s dismissal was a mistake..No other personality like hers..Have switched to another morning show…

  • Scott Stinson

    From a very long time viewer all the changes in staff have left King 5 with limited talent. Sorry to see Tracy T leave.
    Moving on to ch 4 or 13.
    King 5 seems to be in disarray.

  • Pat Hymas

    Where’s Tracy Taylor??? Maybe if you made a HUGE apology to her, she would agree to come back!! Her and Rich made such a good combination, they could have had their own show!! Cam Johnson seems so “plastic “, nothing in the “personality ” department. Don’t believe this trait will change with experience,as someone else predicted, BAD decision King 5!!!

  • Michael A Breda

    Bring Tracy Taylor Back!! I would guess this was not a cost-saving measure. By now you’ve probably lost 1-2% viewing audience, including my self and family. I do not know the motivation behind the decision but I would surmise it was political.

  • Kate

    Way too many changes at king 5. Replaced all the trusted anchors, reporters and others with young, imported replacements who do not know our area at all. Just not the same.

    • Scooter McClain

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Scooter McClain

      You should hear Ronda Lee’s weather forecast, she acts like she has never seen rain before! She’s awful! I’m sure her previous employer that canned her have an over/under for how long she’ll last. I guess KING 5 is smart for keeping her off of their Facebook account, since that lead to her canning elsewhere.

  • Krista Goff

    I normally don’t bother with who’s who’s reporting the news. Although I do miss Tracy Taylor in the morning.
    She was a delight and funny. Still think of her when I now turn to KIRO 7.

  • Franky

    I miss Tracy Taylor! She was the reason I watched king 5. I now watch KOMO.

  • Allisen

    Tracy made me laugh in the morning with her wit and laughter. Cam isn’t personable and has no energy. Watching King 5 upon moving here in 2012 I have now moved onto KIRO 7. You lost a loyal fan. Buh Bye Bye

  • Maple Valley Stix

    Tracy was a real gem…KING has lost its way…I notice a lot of dead mikes, wrong camera angles etc. since the move.
    Must have a bunch of rookies running the show.

  • Wow! Cam has to look at the camera. I was yelled at, when I did weather in Com 465 at WSU for not looking at the camera. Cam, this is big market! Practice looking at us when you do your traffic report!

  • Brian

    I was wondering what happened….Tracy will be missed she always had a lighter side of broadcasting the traffic. and the show as a whole has gone to shit.. m turning the channel. good bye King 5

  • Mike Benson

    . I am no longer watching King 5 news because of Tracy being fired. The morning new cast took a big step backwards with the new male anchor and with Tracy’s replacement.

  • Lyn

    Apparently I am the lone viewer who was happy to see Tracy T gone. I had written when she was first hired. I did not appreciate her “humor” and command of the English language. I always changed the channel when she was on. I am sure she is a nice person, but I much prefer Cam, so much more professional! I am also a long long long time King 5 viewer.

    • So what made you google her and come to this page to comment?

    • Kim

      Don’t be fooled by Tracy’s “on-air” personality.

      I lined up for King 5 Hawks selfie shades several years ago outside CenturyLink Field when they had their NW Harvest canned food drive. Tracy was there but she was anything but friendly and she never gave me eye contact. I was no less than 10 feet from her.

    • Scooter McClain

      “command of the English language?” WTF does that mean? What’s wrong with speaking English?
      If she spoke her broadcast in any other language, I’d have changed the channel because I must have fallen asleep on my remote and hit Telemundo.

  • Blake

    Actually Tracy was quite annoying, She was loud, boisterous, and often got off point with her rants. I prefer more professionalism from companies on public sites such as news. If she wasn’t so sarcastic and out spoken she may have had a career in the field. I really don’t see her as a person that can be taken serious. Too much obnoxiousness for public TV.

    Glad to see her go.

    • My little blog has 24K readers that have come to my site to find out why she left. I’m not saying that you have to like her, but I would say she has made quite an impact.t. I think she is very viable to work again in the Seattle Tacoma market.
      I’m not saying that you have to like her. But the majority of her viewers were big fans. Remember, she reported traffic. There are two news anchors being serious. She gave the show a fun perk.

      • So much truth to that statement..

        • Blake

          Not really. If you really think about it she often instigated awkardness with team members. King 5 made the right call to let her go. King 5 is a TEAM again.

          • I don’t remember any such rants or anytime the crew wasn’t laughing along with her on the set. Can you give an example, because I can give you numbers. 10k likes on her Facebook fan page, 4k facebook friends. etc.

          • Hmm Blake… I was very direct and very “professional ” when it came down to it. If I wasn’t “newsy” then why was I along with a team of fellow reporters nominated for an Emmy last year? I know when to be funny, and I know when to be serious.

    • Scooter McClain

      There was an element that she had which made it engaging for both the viewer, and the team. She was the Ying to their Yang, and vice versa. She had great comedic a timing, and she was always professional when she reported a accident fatality.
      She’s on KIRO for the week, which if I had not Googled her name this morning after watching the very boring traffic reporter on KING 5, I would not have known this!

  • pugetsound

    Of all the posts on PugetSound.Media, this post has the most hits/views/comments. We get thousands of new visitors each week since Tracy was let go from KING 5. They have Googled her name to find out why she left the station and we get tons of traffic from that. Obviously, Tracy Taylor has a huge following/fan base. Her detractors are few and I echo Mike’s comment, “If you don’t like her, why did you take the time to search for info on her?”

      • Sally from Seattle

        Tracy, I really miss you in the mornings. You always told us how to navigate the traffic and where to avoid or go if there were issues. You KNOW the routes! Take good care and I hope we see you again SOON!

      • Tavia

        You’re awesome Tracy! Good things are going to happen for you! I just can’t watch the news in the morning anymore. I listen to 97.3 in the morning and the Today show. Ugh! Lost without my morning news!! Keep shining!!

      • Michelle

        So miss seeing you doing morning traffic and I don’t even live in Seattle! Loved your bubbly spirit. I loved watching you, Rich, Joyce and Mark in the mornings…the show now is just not very good. Love Joyce but everyone else is just not cutting it. Oh and who hires someone who has never lived here tell us the weather???? Evening weather is just painful to watch now. Best wishes, Tracy!

        • Scooter McClain

          It’s pretty funny, that Ronda Lee lady acts like she has never seen rain! Google her name and see why she was fired from her last job, I suspect she will pull something similar with KING.

  • Sandi

    King 5 totally screwed up losing Tracey Taylor! She was a huge part of the morning news. And absolutely the best with traffic. Cam Johnson sucks. Sure she has been in this business awhile, but put her back on the desk. She just stares at the traffic map sometimes like she is mesmerized by it, and not sure what it is!! And the new morning news guy is bad. He is rude! And does not seem very friendly. He has got to go! The only thing Tegna did right was to get rid of that Natasha Ryan. They must have never watched their weekend news. Those two were embarrassing. Sure its nice to have a little levity with the news, but those 2 were ridiculous. They just babbled and rambled.
    Thank goodness we have other great news shows to watch Kiro 7 is my new favorite!!

  • David Blake

    I’m watching King 5 news and realize between this am news cast with Cam and tonight’s cast with David Espinosa-Hall that King 5 has definitely improved. I don’t want to hurt feelings or imply negatively on personal characteristic of previous team members, As time passes loyal viewers will realize that King 5 made key personnel changes to improve the overall rating and creditability of its cast. Sarcasms has ceased and to the point news is refreshing. Its been lagging for quite some time, I am sure many awards will continue to flow the King 5 way. Contrary to what people may feel or want King 5 isn’t going to die and go away, Continue to watch and support the best news station in the Puget sound, all will be fine, TIGHT LINES ALL

    • Scooter McClain

      This is a testament to different taste and what people value. It’s good to read an opposing view too that is done tastefully – well done! That said, I do not see it the same. For me, the overall value and content has been in decline since I started watching the programs in 2012. Their shuffle of personnel is indicative of bad management and even though this area is progressive, no one likes THAT much change. WAY too much turn-over. There is an over/under on who is next.

  • Steve Paul

    TRACY, I’m shifting my loyalty to KOMO & KIRO. I’ve had it enough of the new look of KING, after Joyce, Paul & Amanda, the crown is severely broken.

  • Watcher

    Yes- Kelly Franson on KIRO is my new favorite. Weather girl, not traffic.

  • Mary

    Tracy, I miss your sense of humor in the mornings, sorry that you are no longer on king 5. The team had a great rapport that is now missing, so I’ve quit king 5. I hope you get on the air somewhere in puget sound.

  • Mitch and Tracy definitely had chemistry. Right now, it’s hard to get broadcasting gigs as stations are paring down talent,

  • Thomas Entler

    I am glad to see that I am not just a Grumpy old man that resists change and that my complaints are shared by others. Tracys Taylor ‘knew’ traffic, she didn’t just report it. I am not a commuter but tuning into her showed me how lucky I was. The new gal seems nice enough but her reporting could be done by anyone that can read. I grew up watching King 5 but all the changes lately have sent me to Kiro. It is hard to bond with a news team when every time I turn it on there is a new reporter I do not recognize.

  • farm girl

    Happy Days…I have been with King 5 for over 30 years. I watched Tracy T from day one….and folks come and go for different reasons. It is written in their Chart of Life. Please consider not judging the new members of King5….really….think back to just once….someone judged YOU….just once…..and allow your self to feel the sting. Why??? because it hurts….the news anchors on King 5 new or old, all have feeling just like all humans. We talk about children should not be Bullies….what about us grown ups? I wish all reading this post a happy and loving life.

    It’s all good!

    • I think that’s a good point and hopefully, I was constructive in my criticism of anyone. I think it has got to be hard for Cam because she had nothing to do with Tracy leaving. I think Cam is very professional and has her own style, which may or may not be to the viewers liking. To those that don’t, they can always change the channel.

    • Scooter McClain

      Farm Girl, you are asking people to be hypocritical. We judge people on TV, that is why we watch one program over another. The reasons for judging range, but to do as you are asking would be hypocritical. There is a reason people choose one news channel over another in markets that have multiple choices, just like you judge someone that you are considering dating.
      Now, can we be civil about things? Sure, but this is the interwebs, and we are keyboard warriors. People are emboldened and faceless, and folks that are paid to be the face of a TV station need to have thick skin for those reasons, and they know what they are getting into when taking that step in front of the green screen/news desk. They will be criticized. They will be lauded. They will be revered. Most of all, they will be watched and judged.

  • Watcher

    What happened to Natasha Ryan? Was she canned along with Tracey Taylor?

    • Thomas Entler

      She might be on maternity leave.

    • Scooter McClain

      Maternity leave, but she hinted that she might not be back when she signed off the last time. She’s a cutie, who is very quirky too. I have a feeling that she won’t be back on KING.

  • Kiwichic

    Good luck to you Tracy. Miss your humor and bantering with Rich.

  • Tavia

    I completely agree!!! Loved Mark Wright, Loved Tracy T!! Joyce can’t read from a TelePrompTer and you never quite know what she’s saying. The new guy isn’t bad, he’s at least fluent in teleprompting!! Traffic is very hard to watch now. Guess I’m gonna switch to another station too, because it’s just so difficult to watch. I’ve tried to stay, because I have always watched King5, but I can’t anymore. Boo…..

  • I’m happy to say that Cam’s personality is coming out. She has a much different style and it is too bad she was put in that position. It’s impossible to replace an institution. Hopefully the other viewers who enjoyed Tracy are warming up to Cam, I know that I am.

    • Tavia

      Everyone deserves to feel comfortable at work for things beyond their control. I’m definitely not trying to be a hater….just miss the fluency. Hehe…I’m sure it will all work out. The whole cast, new and old, have been put in difficult positions!

  • Sue Trottier

    I have stopped watching news on KING 5. There have been to many changes in such a short time. I have watched since 1974, but all the changes have made me feel that I no longer have any connection to anyone doing the nnews.

    • Tom E.

      I agree. Turning on King 5 news now reminds me of watching local news coverage while travelling. Sure, they report the news, but without the personal connection and trust, they are just talking heads reading a teleprompter
      Miss you Tracy.

  • pugetsound

    Whatever the reason, Tracy obviously has a few fans … Was it something she said?
    Rebecca Stevenson had an episode in February 2011… TVSpy reported…
    KIRO chief meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson had an unfortunate slip of the tongue during Thursday’s 6 p.m. newscast.

    Reporting on a winter weather advisory for the Seattle area, Stevenson described a “shift of the winds,” although she didn’t say “shift” at first.

    >Update: The video has been removed as per KIRO’s request.

  • Oh my God, she said that word by accident “Shaft”

  • Hustle

    A few thoughts from an armchair QB: Making the jump from the desk/reporting to doing weather or traffic feels like it would be incredibly difficult: no prompter and only, what, 45 seconds to say what you need to say? It seems almost like playing drums for a jazz band vs. playing drums for a thrash metal band. If you’re proficient at the former, yeah, you could do the latter. But it might take a minute to adjust. When I watch Cam, I feel like she is aware of all those constraints, and she just comes across to me as really nervous about those constraints.

    It’s the same kind of thing with Bunin. When he gets the odd sports story, his delivery seems to loosen up. And that’s to be expected for someone who was so accomplished at ESPN. But during the hard news readers, he looks totally different. Both of them are exceptionally talented professionals, so it’s hard to imagine they’re not going to come around.

    I miss Tracy also and skedaddled to KIRO after she left. I’ve been giving K5 a second chance during the past few weeks, but I don’t know if I’ll stick. (I sure won’t stick during the fall, when their insufferable Seahawks cheerleading begins again. You’re a news organization, for God’s sake. Have some journalistic integrity.)

    My theory has always been that anchoring is like being an airline pilot: Sure, you could get a knowledgeable amateur to do a serviceable job. But when it hits the fan, in those marathon on-air sessions for major breaking news, you need a pro. They’ll get there someday.

    In the meantime, I wish nothing but the best for Tracy and hope she finds professional fulfillment wherever she lands.

  • farm girl

    In all honesty……a few week before Tracy was let go……I heard her say “shut Up”…..jokingly to a co worker on the air. I immediately……said Oh No, I hope her boss takes it as a joke……..Who Knows what really happened…..only Tracy and those knowing why she was let go. Having watched king 5 for 30 years……I will continue to watch…..and accept that change in life happens…..and I will feel better if I flow with change, resistance only puts strain on Me. The new guy Steve, is very good and speaks clearly……the new girl Cam, is great…..she just needs to relax and not care what other’s thing of her…..because their image of her, has nothing to do with her…..their image is of Self……I agree with the poster that said…..doing the traffic, is not easy………Tracy had 7 years to perfect the traffic in this area…..let us give Cam at least 7 months…….my money is on Cam shining like the Star she is.

    Happy trails/Spring

    ps. pull the weeks Now, while the ground is wet….farmgirl

  • Mikie

    Tracy T is gone from KING5? That’s sad. She was just fine. Not terribly surprised. KING5 has shuffled the whole damned news team. They booted Dennis Bounds and Jeff Renner way too soon. Thank our lucky stars for Mark Wright.

  • Christopher Lindsey

    Just crazy, get rid of her, but have umpteen meteorologists that you can’t keep up with.

  • Kelly Ott

    We miss Tracy Taylor! She was very personable. While I selfishly wish she would come back to King 5, I also hope she lands an even better job.

  • Mark

    Tracy Taylor is missed. And why Joyce Taylor is still on after all these years is beyond me. Stumbling through reports, she seems lost half the time. I’d swap Taylors in a heart beat.

  • Robin

    KING 5 NEWS IS GOIING DOWN THE DRAIN. I’m switching TO A DIFFERENT NEWS CHANNEL. You’ve let people go and the replacements are HORRIBLE! Not enjoyable anymore…

  • jill

    I find Tracy T annoying and she is the reason I left King 5 after about 20+ years watching. All the new airheads on the weekends will keep me from coming back too. I will leave Kiro if they pick up Tracy T for mornings….

  • Jose

    Tracy Taylor is doing some freelance work for KIRO. She’s filling in for Rachel Calderon today and all next week while Rachel is on vacation.

  • Next task, got her on the air for good!

  • blake

    I saw her for the first time on Kiro 7. Seems like Kiro 7 has her reading from a teleprop more, which is good. Definitely reading more structured than adding lib. I saw her again this am and she was driving around reporting from a vehicle, reported a pot hole in street somewhere, awesome! Seems like she is more restricted on her ability to report the way she did at King 5. Doesn’t look happy in the fill in role she is hired for, apparently back up or fill in as needed. But things are looking better for her…congrats to her. Looks like maybe a little one might be on the way….Just thought I would mention she is now on Kiro 7. I don’t get my fav King 5 right now as I am using a UHF antenna temporarily and the reception is week, but it will get Kiro 7…so I have to watch Kiro 7 for a bit.

  • Ron calender

    Happy to see Tracy on kiro. Wish her success.

  • janis orlando

    She got more complaints than compliments….