Heidi May Returns To The Airwaves

New to KING 5 morning news with Joyce Taylor, anchor Steve Bunin. Bunin, a Seattle native, had been hosting a radio show on KGOW AM in Houston, and previously anchored a nightly sportscast on Comcast SportsNet Houston…Heidi May [KBSG Oldies] has joined Country KMPS. Pat Garrett has left the station…KCMS 105.3 and 880 KIXI have recently flipped to Christmas tunes…as has Praise KWPZ 106.5 Lynden…The once-great KJRB, has been reduced to a local Spokane station, no streaming, playing Adult Standards…


  • spokanejj

    Unfortunately Mapleton–the current owner of KGA reduced it’s power, so a small power AM station they own in California could go full-time. Now KGA is 10,000 watts at night and it’s signal is nowhere near what it once was and they’re now a sports format and rarely even show in the ratings. AND KJRB is using Westwood One’s Adult Standards and with the exception of produced liners, there is NOTHING live or local. The music is very listenable and they will have a translator at 92.5 moving in from St. Maries, Idaho. Westwood One not long ago eliminated all personalities on their satellite fed format. It would sound so much better with some kind of announcer presence, but of course you do have to pay for that and this day in time—-God forbid someone actually getting paid…..”why buy the cow IF you’re getting the milk for free???”

    • spokanejj

      Oooooops….KGA is 15,000 watts at night…but still hardly covers the greater Spokane area at night, let alone the West Coast the way it did back in “the day!”

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