• mikec

    I’m surprised there’s absolutely no network or local programming on Saturdays for either children or teens. I would have thought pre-television that either Saturday mornings or afternoons would have had a few shows not targeted to adults.

    Saturday 7am KVI: “Peter The Singing Cowhand” sounds like a live remote from an area dairy farm! 🙂 Does anyone know anything about this performer? It appears to be a local program as opposed to network offering. I’m also shocked to see “Cowboy Songs” Saturdays 1pm on KXA of all stations. I guess they beat Andy Skotdal to the punch as the first KXA to air country 🙂

  • pugetsound

    I guess KXA ran a dayparted or multi-format programming schedule for a period. Many stations, like KBLE FM ran German or Scandinavian music programming as well. It served those local communities.

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