McCaw scores on sale of NY station

** I wonder what investments were made in Channel 13 after this sale. The station remained a low-budget operation (black & white cameras/1940s movies – TV reruns from the 1950s) until it was purchased (for $863K in 1972) by Blaidon Mutual Investors (Donald Wolfstone owned 80 %). Mr. Wolftsone was 85% owner of Wolfstone Investment & Real Estate in Seattle. He
was also sole owner of Wolfstone Investment Co. in Seattle. Blaidon Entertainment Management Co. in Seattle and 80% owner of Shopping Guide in Seattle.


  • mainstreeter

    I wonder when the last, big dollar sale was in radio? KROQ in Pasadena was sold for $45 million in 1986 to then Infinity.

  • pugetsound

    When Family Stations sold KARR to James Dalke for $3000 in 2015, I think their alternative would have been to just turn the license back to the FCC. Now, the frequency auction will see many AM, some FM and a few TV channels signing off for good.

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