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PugetSoundMedialogoaug2016 What draws readers to this website? Stats show that keyword search results from Google, Yahoo and other search sites relate to everything from major personalities to oddities of tv shows, such as J.P. Patches’ I-C-U–TV set.
In terms of most viewed pages, the TALENT pages get the most hits. This is also one of the most difficult sections to keep updated, due to the aging talent pool and limited information sources.
Counting down the rest of the most-viewed sections, based on keywords:
2. Audio
3. Blog posts
4. FM Radio
5. AM Radio
6. Television
7. Schedules

SCHEDULES page has radio listings, starting way back in the 1920s…such as April 1963 radio listings

AUDIO pages bring back the sound of Seattle radio, such as this clip


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  • Leslie katzenmeier

    I am an old friend of Bob Kelly / Robert Wright of Puget Sound and talk radio host- He and I worked together doing promo and radio for San Diego Bayfair – Many years ago-
    Bob Kelly appeared in your ” what ever happened to ” segment- I really want to find and reconnect w him – my email is Cre8veheart@gmail.com
    I am assuming he does hydroplane broadcasting? Thanks – you can also hit me up on facebook – same email handle thanks- my name is Leslie Katzenmeier – Bob knew me as Leslie Minor

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