Media Crime File: Detroit – The Party Is Over!

PUGETSOUND.MEDIA presents the first in a series of hard news stories related to what we see as a growing epidemic – a wave of crime sweeping across the broadcasting industry. These gritty tales of the darkside of the media nationwide, and the players behind these despicable acts, will appear as details become available. All details will remain UNCENSORED.

FOX 2 Detroit reported: John Mason and Angie Starr were ordered to jail Thursday August 4th by a judge in Detroit. They borrowed money to throw a 2008 New Year’s Eve party and never paid back the loan. The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, found Mason and Starr in contempt, and ordered them to jail unless/until they pay back the $4,126 they borrowed. Mason is the morning man on Radio One’s 105.9 in Detroit. Starr co-hosts the show but she is not listed on the station website. Mason told WDIV-TV they avoided jail time by paying the money back last week. He said both he and Starr had been making payments through wage garnishment.

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