Brakeman Bill spotlights learning

OCTOBER 1962 Junior League football teams of the area and their coaches are featured Wednesdays on the “Brakeman Bill Show” on KTNT-TV, in cooperation with the Tacoma Park Dep’t. The assistant superintendent of recreation for the agency introduces the players and coaches, and comments on various aspects of the Junior League football program.

Educational materials have been sent by Brakeman Bill McLain of KTNT-TV here to an impoverished school in Huajintian, a small mountain village about 190 miles below Mexico City, in the state of Guerrero. The shipment included pencils, erasers, crayons, notebooks, various
kinds of colored paper, tablets and other usual school supplies, all donated by KTNT-TV sponsors. Huajintian has a school, a teacher and a blackboard, he said. “The children are very industrious. They’re hungry to learn, and they willingly practice their lessons in the dirt if paper and pencil aren’t available.” McLain became aware of the situation when he passed through the Mexican village in the course of a trip late this Summer.

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