• mikec

    I’ve made references to this picture here previously when discussing ‘remotes’ & early live broadcasts in Seattle. I’m absolutely captivated by Arthur Daileys mobile broadcasting station & wonder if he was transmitting directly onto assigned 1370 kc/s. I always get the impression that KVL was a one-man operation but could be wrong. I also wonder how he powered this equipment as generator/converters to change from 6 or 12 volts DC car batteries to higher AC voltages wouldn’t have been available at the time. I suspect the technically skilled Mr Dailey must have created such a device, if indeed this gear is being powered by car batteries. In any event, it’s a technical marvel for it’s time!

  • pugetsound

    I wish I knew what the grey unit in the vehicle was. Looks like something with a motor. MOHAI or the Hall of Radio History may contain more information on Dailey’s remote broadcast facility.

  • mikec

    yes I’ve always noticed that gray motor to the right of the transmitter & I’m guessing it’s a generator of some sort. It must be part of Dailey’s home-made power inverter system. But what powers this? The motor appears to have some large cable or conduit that disappears under the spare tire. Although there’s no cable running to the trunk area, it’s also possible this whole mess is plugged into the regular power mains. But that doesn’t explain the large motor…

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