Penny & Her Pals

Puppetry was popular on some kid shows in the early baby-boomer years. It was a cheap programming idea if the station could lasso a fairly decent ventriloquist. Other puppets on Seattle-Tacoma television: Crazy Donkey, Sturdley the Bookworm, and most of the characters on the Wunda Wunda show. The cartoons on Channel 13 were forgettable, but most boomers remember Penny & Her Pals. Lamoyne Hreha, daughter of a Tacoma restaurateur, Anton Barcott, learned to throw her voice while still in high school and acted as the assistant in the magic act of her future husband, John Hreha, a well-known professional magician and mentalist. She created the Penny TV character with Hreha’s help in the late 1950s.

IHEART: We will build a PAYWALL, and the people will pay for it!

iHeart “radio” claims it is reshaping how the world listens to radio. It is not free, over the air broadcasting. iHeart, Cumulus, and the other corporations destroyed that. The entertainment choices on AM & FM are slim to none. Brooke & Jubal are in syndication. This is how bad it is. Voice-tracking has replaced local talent, national music networks are the next big thing. iHeartRadio president Darren Davis says new services will allow users to extend their radio experience, including replaying songs they hear on live radio, saving songs to a playlist for future playback and offline listening to their favorite stations. Digital audio recording for radio. Nothing was said about the quality or any improvement to the ‘content’ of the new iHeart radio services. (blah blah blah)
WISH LIST: A Ron Leonard aircheck from the KYTE days (Portland), any video clips/station ID from the old KTVW 13.
Randy Roadz is now programming both Z-Country (KZAL-Wenatchee) and KOHO 101 (licensed to Leavenworth with studios in Wenatchee) KOHO has changed format to a very upbeat, adult top 40 mix. Icicle Broadcasting operates those stations plus KOZI Chelan.

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