The Sheeple Have Spoken

People meters everywhere around the Puget Sound area have been registering greater numbers of listeners gravitating toward KUOW for fake news and left-wing propaganda. KUOW is in first place in the latest ratings book. That means you folks are listening more often to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me in hopes that Luke Burbank is a guest, and getting your fix of BS from the daily blast from Tokyo Rose or whoever hosts the morning and afternoon news blocks on NPR. Good luck in the next election. Trump will still be making America Great and those of us who are still awake – the majority of the middle class/upper middle class, white and well informed minorities, will put him in office once again. Put a fulltime, FOX News feed on an AM or FM station and watch it zoom to #1. It hasn’t been tried. Someone needs to get it done. It would be a ratings juggernaut.

Lennie’s Lines: Winder Stickies

I’m talkin’ about those stickers people have stuck on the rear winders of their vehicles. Used to be radio station stickers on the winder. Now, it’s all kinds of bullcrap. When I see a coexist sticker, usually of a Subaru, the official car of the People’s Republic of Oregon, I hope I later see that car in a ditch aside the road! I don’t give a diddly about yer stick figger family. And what the heck does 13.1 mean? Is that the dial position of KCPQ TV? Well, they got that right! I say, if you got a winder stickie on yer vehicle, wake up, it ain’t 1972 anymore.

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