The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

He’s been dead for three years (6/15/14) yet the family feud over radio icon Casey Kasem rages on. The latest twist is a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Kasem’s widow against his three children. Jean Kasem is accusing Kerri, Mike, and Julie Kasem (from a prior relationship) of participating in a “homicidal guardianship scam” that directly led to his death…Also named as a defendant is Catholic Health Initiatives, which owns and operates the hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington, where Kasem died. RADIO INK…New car radios come with extra features such as a Pandora interface, bringing more of the Internet music platforms to your drive. With in-car wifi, AM/FM have a battle on their hands for the ears of listeners…John Gibson leaves FOX News Radio after 12 years with the network – RADIO ONLINE…AMAZON’s live-streaming deal with the NFL is another step forward, as the media marches onto the Internet platform. NBC SPORTS…Among the click-bait news stories [sponsored] being pushed on certain websites, THIS JUST IN concerning something Don Knotts revealed. I have no clue as to what Knotts said because I don’t click on these types of links. But someone should tell these people that Don Knotts died in February 2006.

KOMO FM Now Owned By Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcasting is exercising its option to purchase 97.7 KOMO-FM Oakville and 97.7 K249DX Redmond WA from South Sound Broadcasting for $6.75 million. Sinclair and predecessor Fisher Broadcasting have operated KOMO-FM since May 2009 via LMA as a simulcast of News 1000 KOMO Seattle.

Non-stop Nonsense

Daytime television is a wasteland. Maybe not as bad as Saturday and Sunday mornings, not as bad as infomercials – but very, very BAD television. THE CHEW on ABC is “must avoid tv”. This is followed by General Hospital. The day of the TV soap opera has passed…Will someone please take the clicker out of the hands of KOMO 4 anchor Morgan Chesky? Did KOMO lay-off the crew in the control room? This Click-mania can be added to the list of failed News formats, like KIRO’s Out of the Box News…Why are Netflix and On Demand so popular? You can avoid all the other tripe and get straight to what you want to see, we lead busy lives, we can’t arrange our schedule around network tv any longer, people want tv on THEIR time. TV, like radio, is moving to the online platform. Big screens will still be used for many years. But many millennials are satisfied with small screen [7-inch cell phone] viewing to get their tv fix…
Nielsen reports that the #1 radio format is COUNTRY. The #1 format for a podcast is COMEDY. Radio has toyed with COMEDY formats and failed. A PODCAST format on RADIO may be on the horizon. This was tried in San Francisco on KYOU AM a few years ago. That failed also. Now may be the time for this.-
Bill Ogden, former traffic reporter for KOMO radio and Metro Network, has agreed to do some freelance on-air work for KLAY on the shores of Commencement Bay for the Freedom Fest on July 4th. This marks 23 years that KLAY has been broadcasting the event. According to it’s organizers, Freedom Fest is one of the nation’s largest 4th of July events. Ogden was asked to dye his hair red, white, and blue for the occasion but declined sighting the fact that the color combination clashed with his pasty complexion due to lack of sun.
Bill Ogden will also be co-MCing “Classic’s in the Park” Auto Show in Fife on Sunday, June 25th. Dacca Park on 54th and Valley Ave. Hot cars, an old fashion type writing contest on 1950s style Smith Corona typewriters, prizes and free SWAG for people who attend. 9 am til’ 2pm….Its free to attend.

PUGETSOUND.MEDIA was on scene when Ogden and his talent agent negotiated these appearances…

Gag Me With A Spoon

The online audio companies are going through merger-growth spurts and legal battles. This time it is Tune-In versus Pandora. Tune-In is suing Pandora due to the failure of Pandora to deliver on an advertising contract involving Pandora’s “revolutionary”, “game-changing” new platform called Harmonic Audio Network which they claimed would improve ad placements to better align with brand values and improve listener engagement. TuneIn alleges Pandora “did not invest the resources and effort necessary to make the Network a successful sales platform” and points to “dismal sales” as proof. INSIDE RADIO By the way, INSIDE RADIO is one of many online information services instituting a pay wall. What will you do to get this information, pay – or — find it elsewhere online for free? It is a tough world here “online.”

Now, our twice-yearly plea to the masses: PLEASE stop using the following cliches:
Game changing
Reach out to
Having said that
That having been said
At the end of the day
Begs the question
Needless to say
Be that as it may (should only be spoken by a mustachioed gentlemen wearing a monocle)
The powers that be
The devil is in the details
For all intents and purposes
Break the glass ceiling
Tenuous at best
In a nutshell
Perfect storm
Paradigm shift
More often than not
Wait, what?
Say what?
Ya think?

If I hear you say it, I will call you on it. This can also be a drinking game. Turn on any news channel and wait for an anchor or guest talking heads to say any of these phrases.
ON A HAPPIER NOTE (take one drink):
Brian Lord found this gem: Tam Henry shows up on a music survey from the SF Bay area (LINK)

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