Searching The Radio For Humor

News that JOHNSON & JOHNSON have left their gig at THE BULL in Salt Lake City. They were there for three years, and three years at KMPS 94.1 prior to that. If anyone has audio of JOHNSON & JOHNSON, KENT & ALAN, ***anyone on the radio these days*** presenting a morning show with HUMOR thrown in — please send some clips to PUGETSOUND.MEDIA
Radio has changed – and not for the better. If you want to hear HUMOR and jocks that entertained, check out our AUDIO pages.
Radio may not be dead, but it is on life support.
iHeart declares bankruptcy and will come out of it – UNCHANGED. For those that imagined iHeart selling off stations to Mom & Pop companies like the Clay Huntingtons, Ray Courts etc., that ain’t gonna happen. iHeart keeps all their toys and their sandbox gets bigger in the future.
Are you listening to 950 KJR for your sports chat? Mike Gastineau returns to KJR in the midday slot, 10 a..m. – 1 p.m. (And the crowd roars)
KQMV, KUOW & KIRO FM are at the top of the heap in the latest ratings. Rap crap, Lib propanganda and Conservative talk. Nothing new, no surprises.
Do you find radio to be BORING? Is broadcast TV just a bunch of CRAP?
The latest FACEBOOK scandal shows that you can’t trust your personal information and social media stats to any company. The message may be, keep it under wraps and offline.

Mailbag: Lennie the Cabbie comments

This just in: KKOL AM 1300 Seattle is off air for three to four months. An application has been made to the FCC for a transmitter relocation further north (NWBROADCASTERS)

Lennie the Cabbie says, of the previous post on housecleaning at Q13: “You just pegged everyone at Q13, except Wixey and Dueweke, as butt ugly. Adam Gerhke is said to be furious, as he just spent a bundle trying to hide his receding hairline and bald spot. Travis Mayfield said: “What am I, chopped liver?” Has vowed to out you as Rex Tillerson’s illegitimate son.
As always, this is between us, not for publication.”


FOX 13 KCPQ – Will FOX Clean House?

Once 21st Century FOX takes control of KCPQ 13, the logo may change to fit the FOX look, but will the anchors change also – to fit the “FOXy” look? FOX likes pretty faces on their stations. Who among the current KCPQ news people will be asked to “spend more time with their family”? I think Bill Wixey and Liz Dueweke are safe. Some others? Sorry, the news business sometimes judges talent based on appearance. At least at most FOX-owned stations.

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