iHeartMedia Inc., the biggest operator of radio stations in the U.S. and headed by Bob Pittman of MTV fame, plans to include language in its next quarterly report warning investors that it may not survive another year. MARKETWATCH</strong>


J.J. Hemingway writes about his new gig: “SHINE 104.9 a non-com, owned by the 7th Day Adventist Church. I’ll be doing the afternoon show from 5p-9p and I will begin my new duties next Tuesday the 25th. You normally don’t get to the ratings for Shine 104.9 (KEEH), but almost always they are #1 or #2 with women 25-54. Shine 104.9 has a great signal and also is on in Coeur d’Alene at 94.9 FM.” Congratulations, J.J.!!! — I think I need new spectacles. An earlier post featured “Synopsis of Station Formats” and was incorrectly dated in the post title. The pictures carry the correct date, but somehow I got the dates wrong. The post title has since been updated since eagle-eyed, radio nerd Phil Roger (his brain is like an encyclopedia of radio & television information/trivia) picked up on the mention of KMPS in the article. “The article has to be from 1975 or later. The mention of KMPS jumped out at me. I’m guessing ’77 or ’78 maybe. Based on other references. Phil” BINGO! 1977… Brian Lord sends updates for the TALENT pages — Here is a LINKEDIN page for Wes Longino. You may remember him from a Beautiful Music station — or he may have been your supervisor if you worked at QWEST, the phone company now known as Century Link.

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